Friday 22 January 2021

Just finished today's course, with a score of...

...96% which ain't too bad at all.


I'm tempted to study another course, but because this is a 10-15 hour long one, I'll be asleep and doing news and forums and emails and stuff half way through it so I'm gonna forget what I learn tonight if I start it now.  I wanna do it, 'cos it'll hopefully help me with my writing, but I don't wanna leave it too much longer otherwise I'll just keep putting it off, like I have been with this one since the middle of November 2020. 




You know what❓


I'm gonna do it.


There's no time limit to answering the questions and I can take it as many times as I need to until I get the passing score of 80%, so I'm gonna push myself to start it tonight then finish it off tomorrow. 


Decision made.


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