Wednesday 27 January 2021

By comparison, there's...

...*loads* of news on my navigation page and it took at least twice as long to put it all up lol

I'm currently doing the back-ups and I've had me lunch already (zoop and 5 bits of bread and spread so I'm already significantly over my calorie count) and got 3 apple pies to have for pud too.

When the backups have finished, I'll consider doing another short course this afternoon and a longer one tomorrow, 'cos that's my monthly deep virus scan, so won't be able to check my emails until Friday morning at the earliest.

Gonna take my Calcium now though, before I forget again, then I've gotta remember to phone my surgery about the memory test... I usually remember while I'm sat on the toilet and have forgotten by the time I get back in here lol

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