Friday 8 January 2021

My Facebook rant this evening

 Steve has said to take the following rant off of Facebook and put it on here, so here goes:

As of now, I'm determined to be less nieve (sp?) and trusting. I will treat you how you treated me the previous year and if you don't like the way that I'm treating you, maybe you should look at how you treated me the previous year.

I'm happy to lend you money, but I'm not going to go into debt and I won't lend you a penny until you've paid back what I've already lent you.

I'm also happy to support you when you need it... but only if you've also supported me.

I'm still happy to talk to those who are suicidal at 3am and who have woken me up because they can't cope any more - but only if they have previously done that for me. I was suicidal numerous times last year, but not one single person realised or seemed to care.

I will never break your trust in me, even though you have broken mine in you, often several times. Your secrets will always be safe with me, even though mine aren't safe with you.

I will only be getting gifts for those who have got me gifts the previous year and I will use the gifts you get me for myself instead of for the house from now on. I appreciate every gift I receive, but not when I spend many hundreds of pounds on gifts for people throughout the year only for them to thank my husband or not even say thank you at all.

My 2 Yule gifts in 2020 were Amazon vouchers thanks to Chris and my mum. I spent Chris' voucher on things for Steve to use in the kitchen and because my mum addressed the other voucher to Steve and he couldn't buy gift vouchers with a voucher, I got a £10 ring and he took the credit for it even though he used my mum's voucher for it... the rest of it went on things for him (60 packets of crisps, family sized bars of dark chocolate that he knows I don't like, a box of batteries for his remote controls and a set of mixing bowls).

"Please" and "thank you" are free, as are requesting things... don't just assume that I'm willing to do something because I've done it in the past. Don't just send me an email with a deadline to do it for you by... I'm doing you a favour and I will do it when *I'm* able to do it, not by your deadline. Don't promise that I'll do something for someone else before you've even asked me if I'm willing to do it for you and them.

If I get you a gift, pay close attention to the tag - if my name is the only one it's from then I'm the only one who is responsible for it and it has come out of my money and was me thinking of you. In 2019 and again last year, Steve was thanked for every gift given to his family, but he only had input into one of them, so I gave him credit on that gift, but none of the others - your gift was as much of a surprise to him as it was to you. The only exception to that is our nephews - I put Steve's name on them to save Andrew and Jacki the uncomfortable explanation about why "Uncle Steve" isn't on there too.

I pay for the groceries and electric, but Steve gets credit for it.

I'm fed up of putting myself last and it's going to stop as of now. I'm not going to live like I'm worthless any more because I'm not and it stops right now. If you don't like that then block or unfriend me, but if you don't and don't like how I treat you this year, then maybe you should ask yourself why I'm treating you that way, then re-read this post.

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