Thursday 28 January 2021

News and a couple of opinions on 28th January

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28th January 2021

Social media damages teenagers' mental health, report says
LSD breakthrough could enable treatment for autism and social anxiety, research finds
The neurons that hold our hidden thoughts
The city of the future: Smart and social - Amanda's comment: As long as it benefits all beings (both human and animals) and it produces increased permanent jobs and better security then I am, in theory at least, all for this!
Covid-19: NI health and social care workers to get £500 payment - Amanda's comment: Assuming this actually happens, then I hope other countries, both in the UK and around the world, take their lead from Northern Ireland!
Covid: Social workers 'braced for tsunami of needs' after lockdown
The Pandemic Has Erased Entire Categories of Friendship
Why We Need Friends — Especially Now
When You Say the Wrong Thing: How to Repair Friendships After a Racial Microaggression
Spurning friendship offer costs 16-year-old his life
ON EDGE: Friendship as a Mental-Health Safety Net

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