Friday 29 January 2021

It's only taken 24 hours to do 1% lol

The monthly deep virus scan sped through the first 26% yesterday morning, to the extent that I was wondering if I'd set the right one going.  It hit the appdata folder about 24 hours ago and it's been stuck at 26% ever since... if it hadn't been for me being able to see the files it was scanning, to know that it was definitely still running, I would have sworn that it had frozen or something!  It's literally just (about a minute ago) ticked over to 27% so hopefully it'll keep ticking over until this afternoon then I can check my email for the first time since Wednesday evening and then shut down, to give the poor laptop battery a break for a while.


I've taken my morning pills, done 2 sets of news and had my breakfast (4 bits of bread and dairy free spread) which has thankfully sent my calorie count through the roof, so I'm hoping I'll have put on some weight on Monday lol  Gotta remember to do my exercises this morning too.

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