Wednesday 27 January 2021

Mornin' all

It's 27th January today and it's a Wednesday, so I've remembered not to open my email programmes 'cos of the weekly virus scan, I've taken my first 5 pills of the day, so I'm all ready to rock and roll now.  Might take one of my other pills to start the day off well so that I don't get too stressed out.


It's zoop day today 'cos of the virus scan and I bet Steve won't want to make breakfast this morning, so I'm gonna go and make myself some bread and butter then make the (instant) zoop with more bread and butter when Steve gets back home.


Gotta remember to do the weekly back-ups and restore point when the scan has finished too.

I'm gonna go and do my squats now, while I remember... hold on!  Need to remember to do the three sets of news when the exercises are done and dusted.  BBS.

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