Monday 25 January 2021

Not in a good mood...

...started off with no motivation to get out of bed so decided to check my bank balance to check I'd been paid, I had and the grocery money had already been taken so I thought that the day stood a chance of going OK.  Then when I eventually got downstairs I had computer problems, which put me in a bad mood, then the moodiness and lack of motivation meant that I couldn't be arsed to do any of the news.  Then I almost forgot my pills, then I had to bring the recycling box and cardboard bag in.  Alone.  Again.  The same with the rubbish sack.  Then I had a late breakfast and couldn't access the internet so had to reboot.  Then when I got my internet connection back I couldn't log in to the grocery site.  


Steve's prescription was delivered in 4 huge bags that I had to struggle in with while Steve was asleep.  He put them in front of the sink and he couldn't be bothered to cook at lunchtime, so I had to survive on 6 biscuits, despite how hungry I was.  I offered to make us a drink and Steve said yes but then conveniently forgot about the bags he had put in front of the sink.  It's a struggle to reach the kettle at the best of times, but Steve made it impossible for me today.

Then it was time for our groceries... except that they didn't turn up and it took Steve half an hour to call them.  Apparently they were short of vans but Steve was promised that the van would definitely with us before 5pm.

5pm came and went so Steve called them again at 5.45pm and was told that the driver had got stuck somewhere, but it'd definitely be with us within the next couple of hours, which makes it 8pm and 5 hours later than our slot.

I've taken my pills and they have got until 8pm on the dot then I'm going to bed and I want compensation.  It's not the first time they've done it either.  I'm about ready to give up, I really am.

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