Tuesday 12 January 2021

Book Review: "Cuttle: a novel" by Chelsea Britain

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5


 I'm really enjoying this book so far... was worried that it'd be a bit nerdy after the first page, but I was sooo wrong.  Gonna keep reading with interest and hope it doesn't get nerdier, but it seems good so far!

Chapter 2 was almost entirely nerdy, so maybe I wasn't wrong after all?

Chapter 3 saved me knocking off a star... I loved reading this chapter,  but it's time for my pills and chapter 4 now - BBS.

Yep, chapter 4 guarantees the fifth star... for the moment at least!  I'm gonna read one more chapter then head to bed for the night, then re-start reading it when I come back down here at 5am while I'm waiting for the hubby to wake up lol

Had a late start this morning, but I'm back now and getting confused betweeen all of the characters... at least I know why the main character avoids fish now though!

Oooooh!  Now we're getting somewhere!  It's like the author has finally found their muse and they're enjoying writing the novel now.

I didn't see the end of chapter 16 coming at all!

So proud of you, Nora!  I'm wondering what'll happen in the last ten pages though lol

What a great way to end the book... not sure why the 'Discussion' part is there right at the end though - is it used as some kind of educational thing or something?  That would certainly explain the heavy use of fish throughout the book and especially in the early chapters!  All in all (other than that early chapter) a very very good read that richly deserves all five stars!

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