Wednesday 27 December 2017

The expensive Namehog year has just started

2018 is going to be an expensive Namehog year 'cos that's when most of my hosting and stuff will come out.

Had the 16 day auto renewal invoice come through this morning, which was due mid-January, but I'd already saved £100 by buying all the Christmas gifts in September so I used that for the Namehog stuff due in January, got 1 in February for my writing site, a load of them in April (OK, 4 lol) and that's it until July when I've got 7 domain names to pay for, then the writing year's name and hosting at the end of October then 2 domain names and WHOIS privacy in November et voila!

It's January, April and July that are the most expensive months next year, but if I don't buy anything that isn't truly necessary it'll be OK hopefully.

In theory I can put £50 aside a month to cover it on top of my bills and the groceries and if I move that money into B I won't be tempted to spend it!

Basically I need to keep a tight reign on my money next year - wish me luck!

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