Friday 22 December 2017

Debt at this time of year

While everyone else is running up debts on their credit cards to decorate their houses and buy gifts for everyone and getting stressed out, I'm not.

I bought all the gifts in October, wrapped them up in November and sent them off in early December.

I'm now £100 in credit after all my bills have come out and I've got £50 a week to spend on the groceries as well as putting a tenner a week into B to cover my Namehog bills this year and I haven't been stressed out about it once!  I'm just sitting here totally relaxed and watching everyone else get stressed out about not having enough cash!

I've been buying Christmas/Yule gifts in October for the last 20 years and wouldn't have it any other way now - so much less stressful this way and it's spread out over 3 months rather than 3 weeks and I can just concentrate on watching the telly and listening to music and planning out my next novel and stuff like that!

Means I can relax and know that I'm not starting 2018 in debt again... yay!  😄

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