Saturday 30 December 2017


Just got back from seeing my little nephew and his name for me is Amanana.  Such a little cutiepie!

Apparently I should become an Amazon personal shopper where customers email me and say "my aunt/uncle/cousin/friend etc is [insert age here] and they like [insert preferences here] but I don't know what to get for them" kinda thing and I send suggestions to them 'cos apparently Andrew and Jacki liked their gifts and my little nephew was more interested in the tube the poster came in than the poster itself lol

That's totally normal though... you give a child a box and set of crayons and they will turn it into a boat or a car or a train or a kitchen or a shop... their imaginations will run wild and all you've paid for is the arty things!

My little nephew will be 3 in mid-April and today proved to me that sometimes the simplest things are the most appreciated and worth more to a toddler than an expensive gift.

Gonna start researching making my own playdough for him at some point soon... just need to get an airtight container for it first!  lol

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