Saturday 14 October 2017

Vlog about Freegle

Just recorded a video about Freegle - I've given away loads of stuff since I joined and given away things from a pair of crutches that I bought and used once so they were literally gathering dust, an almost new cordless phone and a bike tyre pump that wouldn't bend enough to pump Patrick's tyres up, all the way up to 2 smartphones, a broken laptop and a 3-in-1 printer that I couldn't get to work any more!

It's free and easy to use and I've read about people even offering and receiving beds and sofas and things like that!

If the item doesn't work, it's still offerable, you just have to say that it doesn't work in the post you offer it in so that people know before you give it to them!

I advertised my previous laptop on there a few months back when the computer repair shop said they couldn't fix it because it didn't have a cereal number or something.  I put it on Freegle and said that it had blue screened on me and the receiver said that wasn't a problem, he would use it to build another laptop and he's re-offered it in the last few days for spares, so instead of going to the tip, 3 people have used it so far and that's just one thing!

The crutches went to someone who was going to have surgery soon so wanted to practise moving about on crutches before they went in to hospital and they would be able to go home sooner because they already had the crutches and were stable using them already!

The phone went to a mum who wanted to surprise her daughter and reward her for consistently doing her homework and keeping her bedroom tidy.

The printer went to someone who was happy to tinker with it to try and get it working to help with his University course or something.

They would all have gone to the tip if it wasn't for Freegle, but those people are using things that we didn't want any more and they've saved themselves some money on things that they really didn't need to be brand new!

Here's the video... don't laugh too hard and I hope I'm not too hard to understand with overly fast talking!

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