Monday 23 October 2017

Yule this year

Hannah's Yule gift will be here tonight, my nephew's by the end of the week and Chris' next week.  Already got Steve's bought and wrapped up and know what I'm getting for everyone else too, as well as having £150 to spend on the gifts in November after buying birthday gifts and stuff at the start of the month.

It's NaNo during November so I'll get me mum's gift and send it to her first, then Melanie's so that it'll be there in time, then Steve's family when I've finished NaNo.

A month delay on the usual September pressie shopping but I've got it all written down and I've got a list of things to get so I won't be stressed out.

Got a couple of boxes of mince pies coming with the shopping next week too and I've got a box of tinsel in the spare room as well as 13 rolls of wrapping paper too, so I can take things at my own pace and I'll use DHL to send me mum and Melanie's gifts to them as soon as I've got them so that I don't have to take them down to the Post Office in Patrick and risk dropping them in the middle of the road or whatever.

Wish me luck!

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