Thursday 26 October 2017

It's 6.20pm and I've just taken me new prescription again, so...

Just taken me new AD and AP, so if this morning's (very) early calculations are right, I'll be asleep by 8pm tonight and I'll wake up at 6am tomorrow.

We shall see!

The AD is shaped like a mini capsule which I was paranoid about yesterday 'cos I've never been able to swallow capsules, but it went down with barely any squash this evening!

The AP took 6 minutes to disolve and it definitely speeded things up by putting it under my tongue to disolve instead of on my tongue like the instructions said yesterday... the taste wasn't as bad as I was dreading either!  If I'm asleep for 12 hours again I've probably found the combination and doses that I need right now!

Might still ask about reducing the dose of the AD though 'cos I'm taking the maximum dose of that too!

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