Sunday 8 October 2017

Live in the UK? Want your voice heard?

If there are things you are passionate about and don't know how to voice those opinions without getting into trouble, there are surveys you can take totally anonymously (but set up a separate email address especially for service invites if you join up with more than a couple) and petitions you can sign within seconds after you've first joined up with 38 Degrees.  They ask for donations after you've signed each petition but I never have and they've never pressured me to do it either.

If you want to give your opinion anonymously, then definitely join a few survey sites.  The survey's aren't allowed to collect personally identifying details about you without your permission and you can choose which surveys you take.

A great one to join as long as you don't mind getting 10-20 survey invites a day, is Green Panthera - the survey rewards are in $'s but they are free to join and quick to pay out too... I took 3 of their survey's last night and less than 24 hours later the reward has landed in my account!  The pay out is usually somewhere between $0.60 and $0.75 per survey so just last night I got $2.15 just from those 3 surveys so it quickly adds up!

If you're an Amazon or PayPal customer who doesn't mind not being paid in cash (PayPal) or vouchers (Amazon) immediately (you have to build up a certain amount in your account before you can claim it back) and you can spare a couple of hours a day then definitely give the survey's a try!

I'm not getting any kind of incentive from either 38 Degree's or Green Panthera, I just wanted to suggest it while I thought of it was all  😀

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