Thursday 26 October 2017

£3 to last me until 4th November

Got £138.89 in my account right now.
£50 for my medical records makes it £88.89 yeah?
£50 for the groceries on Monday is £38.89 yeah?
£10 for a direct debit every Friday takes it down to £28.89
£25 for a bill coming out on the 1st leaves me with £3.89 yeah?

After I've got Andrew, Jacki and my FILs Yule gifts on my first November payday, I'll have £ 150 to move into B and my savings accounts until after NaNo when I'll send off my mum and Melanie's gifts via DHL then I'm good to move £150 a month over that I spent this month that I can either use to go back to Sainsbury's for our groceries and get the basic own brand essentials every week, or go to Asda each week and be able to spend the same amount but get more.

I'm happy either way... Monday will decide who we go with from the week after onwards!

Not worrying about that yet though, Monday will be the deciding factor... if it goes OK then we'll stay with ASDA normally and just get treats from Sainsbury's to celebrate or treat us or something.


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