Tuesday 10 October 2017

Last night's shopping

We do our weekly shop online with Sainsbury's purely because I've got a Nectar card.

Yesterday was a nightmare with our shopping delivery.

We'd ordered a pack of 9 toilet rolls and it was substituted with a pack of 4.

That wasn't the worst of it though.  All our chilled stuff was missing, so Steve phoned the number on the receipt.

Was promised they would contact the driver and get him to come back with it within the hour.

Steve phoned again at 8pm and was told that they would leave a voicemail with the driver.

An hour later, we hadn't heard anything so Steve called them back for the third time.

They said that they would get the manager involved this time and would definitely call us back "no matter what".

8am this morning and we still hadn't heard anything so Steve called yet again.  The person he spoke to promised to have the missing stuff delivered between 3pm and 4pm today.

I've just put in a complaint with Sainsbury's 'cos it's just not right that we should have to wait for 20 hours for something I've been charged for and we were expecting to arrive with the rest of the shopping!

We'll see what happens this afternoon I s'pose.

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