Monday 2 October 2017

Now I know why I wasn't awarded PIP

Apparently I saw a paramedic during my assessment and other than rewording the question on the form, he copied and pasted the rest of the paragraph for every single question.

Apparently I'm also on Quetiapine which I've never even heard of, let alone been on and I showed the box to the assessor who came out.

The paramedic and medical assessor had almost word for word answers to questions on their forms and apparently because I can struggle to walk to the front door I'm totally able to do everything else which is total bollox.

I'm going to ask C to write out how much he can see I do, how bad my memory is and whatever else he thinks is appropriate, then I'll ask him to put it into a sealed envelope for me to send off with my letter to the tribunal service to lodge a complaint at how obviously false it all is in the form from the assessor and the paramedic who didn't actually come out to see me.

I'm not taking this lying down now that I've seen the total cobblers that was so far from the truth that it's all pretty much opposite to the facts!

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