Tuesday 31 October 2017

Just heard from ASDA about the 1 star review I left them yesterday

After the balls-up last night, I left a 1 star review on their site.

Someone has just phoned to talk about the review.  Said they would refund the cost of the shopping but didn't want to refund the delivery and bag charges until I started getting angry at him again.

"I can give you voucher codes for £10 off your next five shops with us" he says.

"I just want a full refund" says I.

"How about I give you a six month delivery pass then?" he says.

"Too little too late.  I just want a full refund" says me.

"OK, I'll put that through right now and it'll be back in your account as soon as your bank has cleared it" he promises.

Don't expect to see it any time soon and I'm not going to change my review.  ASDA are cheaper than Sainsbury's and they charge what you paid for last time you checked out the order so that's OK, but they've left us without food for a week now so I can't see us going back to them ever again and I certainly won't be recommending them to anyone!!


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