Wednesday 15 November 2017

Blimey Charlie!!

Just checked me bank account and worked out that I've spent £353.77 in the last 6 weeks!

That means, in theory, I'll be able to pay for me S4C logo to be created for me at £50 and still be able to put £300 into B over the next 6 weeks too.

Take off £100 for the last 3 Yule gifts and sending off me mum and Melanie's gifts and all will be good for starting the New Year off nicely in credit, ready for an expensive Namehog year!  lol

I collect domain names so if you ever want to buy me something without going to Amazon, pay for a years domain name or hosting or whatever for me!

I'm using my all spelled out email address on Namehog or PayPal the money to me and let me know it's payment for a Namehog domain name or hosting or whatever.

2018 is just an expensive Namehog year is all  👍

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