Monday 13 November 2017

Our little puppy said hello to me this morning!

Me and Steve have conversations with the pup every day - we speak to her in English and she replies in woofs.

Not this morning though!

I was sitting on the bottom of the stairs, chatting away to her like we normally do first thing while I'm putting her harness on and she goes "rerro" to me, very obviously not in growls or barks but as a very good attempt at English!

I realise you may be thinking that I'm lieing to you 'cos Steve did too, but it was a very obvious attempt at saying hello to me... 'onest!

Such a clever little girl!

She took herself on her regular walk this morning too... went ahead of me, stopped, sniffed, turned around and came back.


Then waited outside our front door for me to open it!

Such an intelligent little girl!

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