Tuesday 28 November 2017

If you're in the UK and agree that animals are sentient...

Dear blog reader,

Stopping animal cruelty has always been a priority for the British public. Yet this week, our MPs voted to scrap the law recognising that animals can think, feel, and suffer pain - so should be treated well. It's a setback in the fight against animal cruelty, and one that only a big public outcry can reverse.

In less than 72 hours, over 300,000 have signed a petition demanding the government keeps this vital protection for animals. Can you add your name now?

You can find it here: https://38d.gs/animal-welfare-petition-24-11

The petition is working - it's made headlines across the newspapers, and the environment minister Michael Gove has been forced to respond. He's ‘clarified' that the government will now look at alternative ways to recognise animal sentience in UK law. That's a real step forward, and a great sign that our pressure is making a difference.

But a promise from Michael Gove isn't the same as a legal protection, written down, enshrined in law. So we need to keep the pressure up!

If you agree animals can feel pain and emotion and should be treated humanely sign the petition now. It takes less than 30 seconds to add your name.

Many thanks.

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