Saturday 9 September 2017

It's taken 14 years, but...

I'm this →  ← close to being down to size 12 which means I've got just over 1 clothes left to drop before I'm down to being the right size for my height!

I went in to hospital on Christmas Day 2002 with size 6 clothes being held up by my hip bones because I couldn't stop throwing up... couldn't even keep water down.

I came out mid March 2003 a size 28.

I'm not on a fad diet or anything, I'm just eating sensibly now with realistic portion sizes and the only exercise I do is taking the pup for her morning walk every day.

It helped to take the Acai Berry pills when I first came out of hospital to shrink my stomach internally so that I just couldn't physically eat too much but that's the closest I've come to a diet!

I'm so close now!

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