Monday 25 September 2017

Pup taken out for her walk

Our recycling boxes were right outside the door, so I had to bring the pup back in, take them through to the kitchen then take her out today.

We'd only gone a quarter of the walk when I spotted our blue bag around the other side of the bin too, so I brought that in and carried on with the pup's walk.

She was a very good girl today, when we eventually got out and about.  Usually she's eager to go out as soon as I come down in the morning, but not today.

I called her twice and she was having none of it so we watched The Bill and tried again.

She was eager that time, even though it's raining out there which usually stops her from even going out the back but she went out on her walk this morning with dribbles of rain so maybe it was hosing it down first thing or something?

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