Tuesday 26 September 2017

Dogs in hospitals

Just seen this article about a dog that was allowed a visit with their elderly owner who was on his last legs and seeing his dog was his final request.

The dog was there for minutes and after the visit, both the owner and dog improved after the visit.

Is it just me that thinks it should be seriously looked into for hospitals around the world?  It doesn't have to be a constant thing, just allowing pet owners to see their beloved pets once a week is all and it only needs to be for a little while but it could maybe improve the patients health if their pet was allowed to see them for just a few minutes once a week!

It would do the patient the world of good and the pet would be able to see their much-missed parent as well which could, potentially, heal the patient faster and they could be discharged sooner too!

If not all the patients had a pet, how about getting PAT dogs to visit each ward once a week too?  It's been medically proven that petting a cat or dog reduces pain and releases the feel-good hormone or something!

Yeah, yeah, I know about steralisation and germs and things like that, but surely the advantages would out-weigh potential germs and stuff... humans carry more germs than dogs and as long as the dog was up-to-date with vaccinations and stuff then surely there's a way to arrange it somehow?

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