Friday 5 January 2018

So proud of you Steve!

Steve's just got back from seeing his doc and he got weighed again.

He's 1.1kg off his own personal target weight and he's lost 3kg since 8th December which makes it 3 stones since he seriously started making an effort to lose weight in September.

All we've done is to almost totally cut out take-aways and have home-cooked food instead.

We used to have at least one take-away a day it's maybe once or twice a month now!

That includes the Christmas feast that we had with his family... usually he goes back for seconds and has a competition with his brother to see how much he can eat for their Christmas lunch.  Steve struggled to finish his first plate of food on Christmas Day and it was noticeably less food on that plate too!

When he next gets weighed at the start of February he'll be past his target and he'll have to set himself another target... it's definitely do-able though - keep going Steve and we'll get there in the end!

So proud of you!

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