Monday 1 January 2018

I worked out in the car on the way home that...

Just got back from spending the day with the in-law's again and I worked out that we've spent more hours with Steve's family in the last 8 days than we have with my mum since my father's funeral in 2010!

We spent 10 hours with them on Christmas Day, 8 hours with them on Saturday and another 6 hours today.  That adds up to 24 hours in 8 days.

We spent 6 hours with me mum on the day of my father's funeral, 4 hours a week later and 4 hours the week after we got the pup.  We haven't been over there since.  That's 14 hours since 2010 but we've spent longer than that with Steve's family in just over a week.

The only reason I agreed to move to Gloucester was on the condition that we went over to see my mum regularly.

Steve happily agreed.

So why haven't we seen her in 7.5 years then?

Steve says that it's 'cos we don't have a car.

We could hire one.

He's putting in even less effort into getting a car than he is a job!!

I give up.

I'm not going to pressure him any more about getting a job or going over to see me mum.  I also won't go to the in-laws... after all, we don't have transport!  I won't buy any more gifts for them, only for my mum and friends.  Steve doesn't reckon he's got any money to get them gifts yet he gets more PIP than I do ESA yet I'm supposed to magic the money out of thin air for things he wants.

No more pushing me over.

I'll be as selfish in 2018 as he's been since 2010.

I give it until Valentine's Day... he'll whine that I haven't even got him a card let alone a gift, but he hasn't got me a card or gift for any reason (Valentine's Day, anniversary, birthday or Christmas) for at least 2 years so why is he whining for me being as selfish as him?

I give it until the end of February before he starts whining and I'll be expected to shoulder the blame for his faults.


He's expecting me to put up with it so surely I should be expecting the same of him?!

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