Thursday 12 February 2015

Mitzi's morning walk

I usually take our little pup up and down the street twice for her morning walk, but I couldn't this morning because there were 2 cars parked too close to 2 bins.

We squeezed past the first one without any damage to us or the car's mirror but I didn't fancy doing that another 3 times, so we got to the top of the street and crossed over.

Mitzi looked at me as if I was nuts!  lol

We walked all the way to the end of the street on the other side, then crossed over and came home.

Mitzi made a friend just before we crossed over... he said hello to me, then said "hello pup" to Mitzi!

She's been choking/coughing this morning though so I hope it's just the doggy version of a cold!  She's fine now that she's back home, but the whole time we were out she was coughing!

Bless her furry little paws!

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