Monday 2 February 2015

Not happy now! :-(

Just tried calling my secondary bank to unlock the card reader so that I could check my balance and a "2 or 3 minute" call to "check your identity" turned into a "3 or 4 minute call for authorisation" that turned into a 21 minute call and less than a minute later, the phone rang for Steve and as I went to give the phone to Steve, Marie came to the door, closely followed by the food shopping.

I took most of the shopping into the kitchen while Marie put it away and I came to vent in here... sorry!

Upshot is that I've got to be sent around the same houses with the same script and the same answers tomorrow and I really can't be arsed with it any more!

I'm going to try going into town tomorrow to try unlocking it there then try on the phone again.

Because I've only had the card since Friday last week, Steve made the good point that they might have changed the pin number on the card and I couldn't log in online because I haven't got the new pin!

I hope it comes with the post tomorrow... I won't be happy, again, if it doesn't!

I suppose I should be grateful that it's so secure but I'm the genuine account holder and being forced into a 21 minute phone call instead of a 3 minute one doesn't make me happy!

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