Tuesday 13 January 2015

The hearing aids, again

I've just put in one of the hearing aids and I can hear things a lot clearer now... assuming Steve puts the batteries in the right way around of course!  lol

I'm going to put them in for a few minutes a day to start with, then slowly build up from there and it's only on number 1 out of 6 levels so far so lots of room for my hearing to get a lot worse!  Each aid comes with 3 batteries and it only takes 1 in each aid so I've got lots of spare hours worth of hearing before I need to buy any more!  It's less than £3 for 50 button batteries too!

If you have problems hearing then definitely give eSecure hearing aids a go... they are less than £10 each at the moment 'cos they're on sale (they're usually £30 each) and they are so worth it - just got to build up confidence using them now!

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