Tuesday 27 January 2015

Is it sensible to...

...  buy a car off eBay? 

There's one I've spotted for £600 with free postage and the seller has 100% positive rating which looks great to me, but Steve says it's "too old and it would be better with sliding doors too" so I've sent him a different URL with all the search results in it.

I've saved up £750 so far and I'll have £4,000 by December but I can get the one I spotted right now and still have £150 left over.

I reckon Steve was looking at the breadcrumb trail which said it was linked in the WW2 bit, but he's the driver, not me, so I have to rely on what he says!

It's only got 2 days and a couple of hours left before the listing ends though!  :-(

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