Wednesday 28 January 2015

Our gorgeous girl is back home! Yaaaaay!

Mitzi's just got home with her new haircut and Westie face and she's now laying on top of the sofa, fast asleep.

Bless 'er!

She's put on weight though, so I'm going to double her morning walks for the next few months to see if that helps.  Steve has got to stop feeding her human food though! 

She was last weighed in November and she's had 5 chips and a Pringle off me in that time because I accidentally dropped them on the floor and Mitzi pounced and ate them before I could pick them up.  Steve, OTOH, gives her almost a quarter of every meal so he's got to stop doing that and he's heard it from the vet via Marie as well as me now.  I'm doing what I can for our little girl, but Steve has to as well! 

There's two of us owned by Mitzi, not just me!  :-(

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