Tuesday, 28 July 2020


I bought some size 12 trousers and tops off eBay yesterday, thinking that I could get prepared for losing a bit more of my belly and I cautiously decided to try non-petite lengths, but in ¾ lengths and cropped lengths, thinking that they would hopefully be just about the right length.

Four of the five trousers came with the post today, amazingly, less than 24 hours after buying them. 

I tried the ¾ length trousers first and they fitted around my waist but are further up my lower legs than I like, but they are light and perfect for warmer weather or when I'm wearing longer socks in Spring and Autumn.  I did my hourly laps of the house and back yard in them and they were perfect.

I didn't want to jump to too many assumptions too quickly, so I tried on a pair of cropped trousers and they are pretty much the perfect length and waist.  Did my next hours laps in them and like with the previous trousers they were perfect too.

I wanna try on the other two pairs of trousers when Steve gets back from his medical appointment, but it's looking like I can pretty easily wear cropped size 12 trousers now, which I've never been able to do in my life before❗❗

Assuming the other 2 trousers fit when I try them on when Steve gets home, I will know for certain that I'm size 12 now and have only got one more clothes size to drop before I'm back to the right clothes size for my height.

After an iffy start to the morning, I'm feeling a lot happier and more confident now, especially now that I know I'm not totally reliant on the miniscule petite section of a couple of shops on the High Street and Littlewoods and Amazon online... a whole new clothes section has been opened up to me now and it feels sooo good❗

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