Thursday 24 April 2014

It's been more than a year since I last posted here, but...

... I'm going to try and remember to post in here at least once a week as of now!

Quick update - I've been diagnosed with:

chronic a-typical psychotic depression
with self-harm tendencies and suicidal ideation


non-alcoholic Korsakov Syndrome
mild brain damage

dairy allergy
It wasn't easy to get all those diagnoses, especially the Korsakov Syndrome and the brain damage and the dairy allergy was pretty hard going too, but I'm still here and I'm glad my illnesses have a name now!
My memory is shot because of the brain damage and I use a quad to walk but I've been awarded DLA until 2018 and I'm going to get myself 2 wheelchairs with the money.
Why 2 wheelchairs?
The first one is to get me used to being out on my own... the seat rises 6.5cm so I'll be able to go to my GP on my own and go to the bank and stuff but it only goes 6 miles on a full battery charge so I'll need to charge it every other day... it's two months DLA money as I don't pay tax on things to help with my health and I'll use it while I save up for my ideal chair which goes a huge 25 miles on a full charge so I'll be able to take our dog on longer and more interesting walks and I only need to charge it up once a week!
Just need to stop spending now!  lol

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