Sunday 24 April 2022

My diary/to-do list for next week...

...looks like this:

Monday:  wait for, bring in and take outside the pots that are being delivered from Amazon

Tuesday:  bring in and put away shopping, turn emersion heater on

Wednesday/Thursday:  wait for, struggle in with and take outside the compost that completes my Amazon order

Friday:  Try to put the compost into at least one of the pots and potentially get very stressed out in the process

Saturday:  Recover in a very long and hopefully very hot lavendar-scented bubble bath - my body will be demanding it by that point lol

Sunday:  Get ready for a new week - hopefully less busy and physically demanding than the week I'll just have been through.

I can do this - I just need to relax while I'm not being active to help my body to prepare/recover from the incredibly active week that it's gonna be starting tomorrow.

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