Friday 22 April 2022

Washing up done...

...cold infusion erm infusing and I'm back to caring for my carer again.  Only got 15-ish minutes to go and I'll have cared for him for 10 hours today, so 12 or even 13 hours is looking pretty likely today and my carer is still at 73 minutes for the week.


All I've eaten today is the two slices of toast that I risked having for my breakfast and I've had 4 drinks to try and increase my calories a bit more - the drinking chocolate was the most helpful at 403 calories, so I might try and sneak another one in before I head to bed tonight to try and make my FitBit graph a bit redder.  It's supposed to be a Rogan Josh curry tomorrow, so I'm trying to remain hopeful that I'll be able to have my second lunch of the week but I'll have a couple of slices of toast for breakfast just in case it doesn't happen.  I'm still hopeful that it's full steam ahead next week, but it all depends on what the scales say on Monday - if I've put on enough then it's full steam ahead but if not then it'll be another week of desperately trying to get way too many calories into me.

Got 7 minutes of care left to go now, so I'm hopeful that by the time I take my pills at 7pm it'll be almost 12 hours then with any luck I'll just about scrape in 13 hours by the time my carer lets me go to bed.

I've whittered on for waaaay too long, so I'll shut up now 👌


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