Saturday 30 April 2022

This morning's gardening session

I planted 3 sets of seeds this morning but only took photos of the 38 Degrees session 'cos otherwise I'd have been even more stressed out than I was this morning.

When I eventually got into a routine of filling up the pot with compost, then sowing the seeds then covering them up and shuffling the pot back to its new home, I started to really enjoy it!

Assuming these seeds grow, I'll be investing in more seeds next year too, 'cos it was just the filling up the pots with compost that I found stressful, but the bees will be worth it and I can't wait to watch the #SeedsForBees2022 grow so that I can keep taking photos of them!  Just gotta remember to give them a drink each day now!

Here are the photos:


During sowing:

After sowing:

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