Saturday 30 April 2022

Just weighed myself and...

...I've already put on 900g after two meals, so that's a relief.  I'm only just in the healthy weight range for my height now, so I wanna put on another kilo or two, just for reassurance, but hopefully I'll be back up to where I wanna be by the end of the weekend then I just wanna maintain it...somehow.

From now on, I'll keep having breakfasts, but only eat at lunchtimes if it's home-cooked.

I've got 86 calories left to eat today, so if my carer makes lunch (which I doubt 'cos he's already cooked 3 times this week) that should take me nicely into the red on my FitBit app, which'll hopefully mean I've put on a bit more weight when I weigh myself tomorrow.

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