Sunday 24 April 2022

He actually helped...

...with the rubbish and recycling this week!  I only had to raise my voice once, but there was no shouting, and it was done and dusted in under 20 minutes instead of the half an hour it takes when I do it on my own!

That takes his weekly caring total up to 2 hours and 18 minutes for the week so far.  I'm predicting that I'll be doing lunch 'cos it's just hash browns and so his only opportunities to help me for the rest of the day are to do the washing up and take the food waste caddy outside after lunch, which'll take a maximum of half an hour combined, so yep, still under ⅒ of the minimum required care he tells everyone he does.

Plan for next week is still on but I'm not gonna take any risks with it.

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