Wednesday 27 April 2022

Mornin' all

I did it!  


I managed to care for my carer for over 14½ hours by the time I eventually went to bed at 9.10pm yesterday, which means I've got to care for him for 9 hours and 11 minutes today before I start working overtime.

The plan is going well so far 'cos I've had two meals already this week and neither of us have had any hot drinks - other than the squash to take my pills with, I've only been drinking water and I'm really hoping that yesterdays three toasted sandwiches will mean that I've maybe put on some weight today to see me through the rest of the week.  Best go and weigh myself now before I forget!


I've lost 400g since I weighed myself yesterday, so today could, potentially, be the last day of the plan.  If I went to the utter lowest it's safe to be for my height then I can lose a maximum of 1.7kg more this week, but I'm not gonna take any chances to get that low, so if I lose the 700g before Sunday then I will stop the plan and instantly start having breakfast again.


I've set the weekly virus scan running and remembered not to open my emails today.  Gotta take my morning pills too, so I'm gonna do that before I forget too.

I'm expecting a delivery either today or tomorrow that I'm seriously hoping comes today so that Steve can help me to haul it in, 'cos it does, potentially weigh almost as much as me - not even kidding!  I'm hoping it weighs less and it's tightly packed to maybe make it lighter but I don't think I've bought anything so heavy since buying Patrick (my electric wheelchair) which I still can't bring into the house alone!

Just had the reminder come up to take my morning pills, so hold on while I do that please.


OK, that's my morning pills down the hatch too, so I'm all set for the rest of the day now.  Gonna publish this then grab my second glass of water of the morning, then make a start on the news.


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