Thursday 21 April 2022

Today's (21st April 2022) lunch photo

Compared to my normal lunches, this was barely a snack but it's better than nothing and Steve reckons he's going to have a Chinese take-away for his tea "and whether you like it or not I'm gonna get you a bag of chips too" so it looks like I'm eating three times today and going to sleep feeling very sick.  He's apparently gonna go to one of the ones that you can pre-order from which will hopefully mean that it'll be in our hands at around 5.30pm which is a lot better than it turning up at 7pm!  I don't like cold chips so if Steve changes his mind about the early delivery then I'll be going to bed nauseous and very late, which is far from perfect, but I seemingly don't have a choice <shrug>

Here's today's lunch photo:

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