Saturday 23 April 2022

Mornin' all

I've woken up in a great deal of pain, my legs are weak, motivation at rock bottom, but I've still gotta do things for other people.  I'm charging up my FitBit and getting on top of my emails first though!

I've taken my morning pills and started the daily virus scan, so just gotta wait for Steve to come out of the bathroom then I can make his breakfast for him.  It's supposed to be curry for lunch, but I'm already predicting, at 7.02am, that it won't be happening.

I'm gonna weigh myself today to see if I'm on track for Monday's plan... I'm hoping that I've put on a considerable amount of weight so that I can move seemlessly into my plan on Monday morning - I'll see how long I can do that for though and it certainly won't be longer than a week, but it'll be proof of how much my carer lies to everyone.

Gonna live on pop this morning so that I can hopefully get a few more calories into me - I've already drunk half a litre of it in about 15 minutes though lol

My carer has just come out of the bathroom and wants his breakfast, so I'm gonna publish this, make his breakfast, have my own then hopefully remember to weigh myself after that.  Keep your fingers crossed that I remember to cross it all off my to-do list before my carer falls asleep again lol

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