Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Today's (19th April 2022) breakfast photo

Let's see if I can get the photo's to upload today - still can't work out why yesterday's two photo's wouldn't upload... if I have problems with this one too, I'll email Blogger to find out what's going on.

I was only going to have 2 slices of toast and spread for breakfast today, but for some reason I toasted and spreaded 4, so I'm verging on bloated now and my calories are through the roof, so I'm not gonna have any lunch today and just let Steve have his vegetarian sausage sandwiches that he wants instead of the sausages and veg that we were supposed to be having today.

That's a whole different rant that doesn't belong here though lol

Here's today's only photo:

Nope, still no joy, so I shall be searching the help files then emailing them to see what's going on <sigh>

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