Monday, 18 April 2022

Today's (18th April 2022) breakfast photo

I weighed myself this morning (like I do every Monday morning) and I'm only just within the healthy weight range for my height, so this is potentially my last granola photo of the week 'cos I'm gonna go back to having spreaded toast for breakfast for the rest of this week, starting tomorrow morning (assuming the bread has defrosted by then of course), to try to put me back into the main part of my healthy weight range.

The photo isn't uploading for some reason and I've restarted my browser and rebooted my machine but it still doesn't want to upload  😞  You can see it on Instagram if you want to though?  It's exactly the same as I post here on my blog each day, but when Blogger throws a strop, you'll be able to see my food photos there instead, just follow foodfotos4amanda if you're that desperate to see what I eat each day lol

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