Monday, 18 April 2022

Mornin' all

I weighed myself before I had my breakfast this morning and after barely eating last week, I'm only just in the healthy weight range for my height, so I'm gonna put this week's plan on hold until I've put on at least 2½kg then I'll only eat and drink when my carer makes it.  I should have 14 meals and at least 25 drinks that week 'cos that's what he tells everyone he does, but I'm predicting that I'll have 3 meals, tops, that week and I'll be drinking water throughout 'cos he hasn't made a single drink since well before NaNo21.

I'm thinking I should be having toast instead of granola to bump up my weight more rapidly 'cos one serving of the spread alone is over 300 calories and I'll have two slices of toast a day, so that and the bread will be about 650 calories in just one meal, so if I can keep going with that this week, I'm hoping my weight will be better to hopefully put my plan into action next week.  I've just taken a loaf out of the freezer that'll hopefully be defrosted by the time I have breakfast tomorrow, assuming my carer doesn't use it all in his teatime sandwiches of course.

OK, that's the bread on the order and the chocolate soya milk taken off, so I'll hopefully be having toast for the rest of this week at the very least.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can rapidly increase my weight with just my breakfast choice alone.

I've taken my morning pills and run the daily virus scan and made Steve's breakfast for him and downloaded the spreadsheet, so I'll code that into my homepage now, then get cracking on the news while my carer is snoring his head off 😴 in his chair.  Gotta remember to put my breakfast photo up for you all too!


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