Wednesday 4 July 2018

Oh boy do I feel grotty!

Just got back from seeing C and the hayfever has well and truly got hold of me now.

I couldn't walk steadily in a straight line even with C on my left side and my quad cane in the other and my throat is stopping me from drinking as quickly as I usually do as well... it's only lunchtime but I must have looked like a drunken bitch because I couldn't walk in a straight line even with support. 

It's the hayfever's fault though, as long as the pollen count is low or I'm not out for longer than 15 minutes I'm just my wobbly self that I can usually correct by just clinging onto a wall and my stick and I don't look drunk, just weird... the hayfever knackered my balance as well this afternoon for some reason too though!

Dunno how or why, but it has and I really don't like it one little bit!

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