Sunday 1 July 2018

Ordered 2 boxes of hayfever relief tablets

I'll give them one last try.  They might have improved the recipe in the last 30 years after all.

I'll have to carefully read the leaflet to check they don't have lactose in them... if they have I won't be able to take them 'cos of my dairy allergy so I'll give them to Steve to try instead, seeing as how he's been struck down with hayfever for the first time in his life this year!

I said I thought it was hayfever last weekend (or whenever it was) and Steve asked the nurse on the Tuesday who confirmed it but he still doesn't believe the diagnosis 'cos he's in his mid-40's and this is the first year he's ever had it... gotta start somewhere and maybe there just hasn't been enough pollen around to affect him in the last 40 years!  lol

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