Saturday 21 July 2018

Second of the 2-a-day long posts

Should I put times on each of the posts or not?  Should I just leave it as having the dashes between what was, until this morning, an individual post?
 We're having Burger King meals for tea tonight 'cos Steve was paid for his week of work!  Yumsk!
We're at 92% with the virus scan, so as soon as that's finished I'll back everything up and shut down then put my likkle laptop on the floor so that it doesn't get damaged with the heat from me meal or the ice from the drink!
Virus free for another week, thankfully, just gotta back up everything to the external hard drive then I can turn the laptop off and let the battery cool down.
Burger King isn't accepting online orders again, so we're going with Yummies Kebab on Just Eat and I'm having a veggie burger, cheesy chips and a can of Dr Pepper 'cos I'm a pig lol

Going to turn me laptop off now until the morning... nite nite orl!

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