Monday 23 July 2018

First of the daily posts

Just got back from taking the pup out for her daily stroll and yet again an animal has shat right outside our front door which I stood in.  From the smell of it, it's a cat that's done it but their owners are allowed to get away with not clearing it up!!

Steve's onto the council about it now but they won't do anything about it because it's not a dog and we've got no proof that it's not our dog that's done it, it'll be up to us to clear it up again.  The same as it was when Mitzi apparently poo'd and we didn't clear it up even though we always do!

Cats and other dogs can get away with pooing right outside our door but we are threatened with court action for not clearing up other dogs poo's!


That's me hayfever pill and supplements taken.  They went down pretty easily today, thankfully!

Does anyone know of a Subway around here that delivers?  There are 2 Subway franchises that I can get to in Patrick, but I'm reluctant to put him together just for 2 subs!

A few months ago there was one that delivered but we can't find it any more!


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