Saturday 20 November 2021

That's my carer's lunch made and...

...I'm left to go hungry again.

In the last 6 days (ie 12 meals) I've made 10 of 'em for my carer and 8 for myself, so it's a good job I need to lose a bit more weight this week, innit.

My carer has just promised, for the third day on the trot, that we'll be having pizza's for lunch tomorrow.  I very much doubt we will and he'll find yet another excuse not to cook.

Apparently (according to my carer just now) my inspiration for finishing JanNo is to finish writing before I run out of soups.  There are 6 or 7 left and my carer will be having them when he doesn't fancy cooking (like yesterday and today), so I've got about a week's supply of soups left (assuming my carer doesn't have any more and force me to go hungry again) and I'll be going hungry throughout January 'cos there won't be any left and my carer will only be making food for himself, just like he did during NaNo.

M's on her way over with our top-up shop now, which I'll have to take through and put away totally alone again, so I'd best publish this before she arrives.

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